15k Naira Voucher VIP Auction

Buy now for ₦15,000
Bidder Prize
LifeWorth ₦10,700
Dice ₦10,000
LifeWorth ₦9,300
Dice ₦8,600
Scales ₦7,900
LifeWorth ₦7,200
Retail Price
Auction Starting Price
Auction Maximum Price
Auction Price Increase
Auction Bid Tokens
Auction Hours
24 Hr
Auction Time
5400 s

Auction Price
Shipping or/and handling
Total to be paid

Product Description

15k Naira Voucher

This is a gift voucher where buyer or auction winner gets to decide the exact product to be delivered. 

The product chosen must either be available on Jumia or Konga and the total amount, including shippping, must be less or equal to ₦ 15,000